2018 Louisiana National Signing Day Highlights

by Alex Newell // @alexlnewell89
LouisianaPreps.com Contributor

Northwest Louisiana NSD Highlights

The Shreveport area has put out its fair share of top college prospects in recent memory, like LSU’s all-conference linebacker Devin White of North Webster and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, formerly of Haughton and Mississippi State.

National Signing Day 2018 was no different with Evangel and Parkway leading the way with seven players signing with FBS Power 5 schools.

Calvary Baptist
OL/LS Evan Gibson, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
RB Kordavion Washington, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
WR Fred “Tank” Davis, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
OL Neal Tipton, Tyler Junior College (TX)

Green Oaks
WR Kenric Jackson, Kilgore Junior College (TX)
DB Damien Crawford, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
WR Lexington Simon, Southern (FCS/1-AA)

RB Trivenskey Mosley, Southern Mississippi (FBS/1-A)
WR Jordan Hester, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
WR Larry Moton, Jr., Arkansas-Pine Bluff (FCS/1-AA)
LB Ty Harris, Arkansas-Pine Bluff (FCS/1-AA)
OL Isaac James, Prairie View A&M (FCS/1-AA)
OL D’Treyveon Williams, Prairie View A&M (FCS/1-AA)
DB Joshua Dykes, Northeastern Oklahoma State (Division 2)
DB Devin Johnson, Texas A&M-Commerce (Division 2)
DB Skylon Johnson, Navarro Junior College (TX)
DT Timothy Davis, Itasca Community College (MN)
WR Lian Johns, Itasca Community College (MN)

WR Terrace Marshall, Jr., LSU (FBS/1-A)
DB Israel Mukuamu, South Carolina (FBS/1-A)
QB Justin Rogers, TCU (FBS/1-A)
DB Marcus Drayden, Jr., Texas College (NAIA)
DB Kendall Brown, Bayou Prep (LA)

Evangel Christian
DT Davin Cotton, LSU (FBS/1-A)
LB Micah Baskerville, LSU (FBS/1-A)
DB Ardarius Washington, TCU (FBS/1-A)
DB Jarrick Bernard, Oklahoma State (FBS/1-A)
WR Christian Bailiff, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
WR Patrick Jones, Cisco Junior College (TX)

WR Coby McGee, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)

WR Doyle Adams, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)

Booker T. Washington
QB Tahje Green, Bethany College (KS) (NAIA)
RB Ly’Tavious Anderson, Bethany College (KS) (NAIA)
OL Trent Turner, Mid-America Nazarene (KS) (NAIA)
DE Romeo Crow, Itasca Community College (MN)
DB Shemar Jackson, Itasca Community College (MN)

ATH Lavonta Gipson, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)

DE Jalan Harris, Kilgore Junior College (TX)

DB Katrell Starks, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA) (Preferred Walk-On)
ATH Craig Davis, Northeastern Oklahoma State (Division 2)
LB De’Aundre Taylor, Southern Nazarene (AR) (Division 2)
LB Jaden Martin, Louisiana College (Division 3)
OL Corinthian Thompson, Louisiana College (Division 3)
WR/CB Tremaine Reed, Southern Prep (LA)

WR John Stephens, Texas Christian (FBS)

North Webster
RB T.J. Hawthorne, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA)

WR Patrick Heard, Harding (AR) (Division 2)

OL Sawyer Cranford, Ouachita Baptist (AR) (Division 2)
WR LaCedric Smith, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
DB Mark Dunkley, Arkansas Baptist Junior College
RB Malik Wilson, Advance Prep Academy (FL)

Captain Shreve
DE Colyn Givens, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
K/P Alfonso Deleon, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
OL Colton Gill, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
WR Stephen Smith, Mississippi College (Division 2)
DE Micah Latin, Louisiana College (Division 3)

WR Travis Dewitt, Henderson State (AR) (Division 2)
RB Jordan Walker, Lane College (TN) (Division 2)
QB Lakendrick Ross, Louisiana College (Division 3)
TE Devin Washington, Louisiana College (Division 3)

Red River
DL Raphael Lemons, Tyler Junior College (TX)
DB Waylon Washington, Itasca Community College (MN)


Central Louisiana NSD Highlights

Central Louisiana is known better as a baseball and basketball area to most around the state but CENLA has their fair share of top college football prospects with LSU, Arizona State, and Tulane coming to call this national signing day and ASH and Leesville signing eight players each.

WR Jorien Vallien, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
RB Michael Orphey, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
WR Keyon Gaston, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
TE Izayah Hill, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
DE Jared Byrd, Mississippi College (Division 2)
DB Cedric Davis, Texas College (NAIA)
OL Taylor Payne, Tyler Junior College (TX)
LB JaQuarius Kendricks, Tyler Junior College (TX)

ATH Terrance Garnett, Louisiana College (Division 3)

RB Rodara Ellis, Southwestern College (KS) (NAIA)

WR Jaray Jenkins, LSU (FBS/1-A)
QB Lamar Farris, Trinity Valley Community College (TX)

DB McKenzie Jackson, U.S. Naval Academy (FBS/1-A)
QB Chris Vargas, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
TE Kobe Joiner, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
ATH Andrew Croker, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
DL Donald Smith, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
LB Sabian Matuu, East Texas Baptist (Division 3)
DB Gabe Ellis, Buena Vista (IA) (Division 3)
LB Michael Ciacelli, Concordia (There are several Concordia Universities across the nation, which one he signed with was not clear)

RB A.J. Carter, Arizona State (FBS/1-A)
DB Tobias Williams, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)

RB Tyler Clark, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
ATH Talon Bowens, Southern (FCS/1-AA) (Preferred Walk-On)
DB Kadarian Ellis, Shasta Community College (CA)

QB Cam Bates, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)
TE/LS Mason Musgrove, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A)
OL Bailey Murray, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)

St. Mary’s
QB Aaron Howell, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)

LB Detavius Eldredge, Arkansas-Monticello (Divison 2)


Southwest Louisiana NSD Highlights

LB Jordan Cordova, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
DT Joey McNeely, Tyler Junior College (TX)

DB James Kirklin, Louisiana College (Division 3)

DB Bryce Anthony, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
DE/LB Gavin McZeal, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
ATH Davian Madden, Arkansas Tech (Division 2)
LB Malik Joseph, Lakeland (WI) (Division 3)

TE/LS Pearse Migl, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
QB Zach Hayes, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)

Sam Houston
OL Ryan Mareno, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
QB Dustin Jackson, Louisiana College (Division 3)

DB Darius Daniels, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
WR Markail Nixon, Henderson State (AR) (Division 2)
TE Kaden Jones, Iowa Western Junior College

WR Keandre Turner, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
LB Brayden Adams, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
WR Devon Pauley, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
DE C.J. Semien, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
P Caleb Darbonne, Prairie View A&M (FCS/1-AA)
K Mason Caldwell, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
RB Javian Samuel, Texas College (NAIA)

LB Matthew Cormier, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA)
LB Kendale Abrams, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
K Daiwruin Arzu, Highland Community College (KS)

TE Christian Trahan, Houston (FBS/1-A)
OL Kaleb Hogg, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
DL Slade Manlief, Southern Arkansas (Divison 2)
K Brandon Hayden, Louisiana College (Division 3)

LB Nick Sanders, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
WR D’Onte Roshell, Arkansas Tech (Division 2)

South Beauregard
RB Braeden James, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA) (Preferred Walk-On)


Northeast Louisiana NSD Highlights

RB DeAndre Marcus, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)
WR Donald Johnson, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA)
LB Tahj Samuel, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)

West Monroe
ATH Slade Bolden, Alabama (FBS/1-A)
LB John Bailey Gullatt, Army West Point (FBS/1-A)
P Kevin Toms, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
OL Jacob Ingram, Central Arkansas (FCS/1-AA)

Caldwell Parish
LB J.D. Abrams, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
RB Eric London, Henderson State (AR) (Division 2)

WR Geor’quarius Spivey, Mississippi State (FBS/1-A)
DB Hidari Ceaser, TCU (FBS/1-A)
DE Jarviar Wade, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
RB A.J. Watson, Northeastern Oklahoma State (Division 2)
OL Jabarie Danzie, Northeastern Oklahoma State (Division 2)
WR Joseph Smith, Garden City Community College (KS)
DT Quanderrius Johnson, Louisiana College (Divisoin 3)
LB Deione Reed, Louisiana College (Divison 3)
LB Deivone Reed, Louisiana College (Division 3)

OL Devin Phillips, Colorado State (FBS/1-A)
OL Max Mitchell, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
TE Chandler Moses, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
P Ryan Jones, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
DE Anthony Freeman, Ouachita Baptist (AR) (Division 2)
DL Gerrico Goldman, Arkansas Tech (Division 2)
QB Payton Batteford, Fort Scott Community College (KS)
WR DeMaine Riley, Navarro Junior College (TX)
DB Reggie Mayweather, Arkansas Baptist Junior College

Madison Parish
DB Kevin Jones, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A)

DL Dare Rosenthal, LSU (FBS/1-A)
ATH Dantreize Scott, LSU (FBS/1-A)

Ouachita Parish
WR Josh Newton, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A)
DB Jabari Johnson, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A)
DL Sir’Darrius Ellis, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
LB Chris Lewis, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
LB Jaden Harris, Arkansas State (FBS/1-A)
OL Kenneth Bowie, East Texas Baptist (Division 3)

OL Isaac Ellis, Memphis (FBS/1-A)

Oak Grove
OL John Bolding, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A)
RB Donald Gray, Trinity Valley Community College (TX)

DB Fred Lee, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)


Acadiana NSD Highlights

Ascension Episcopal
OL Mike Remondet, Tulane (FBS/1-A)

WR August Pitre, Rice (FBS/1-A)
DL Keshawn Jackson, Trinity Valley Community College (TX)

LB Bishop Breaux, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
DL Chase Alleman, Lindenwood-Belleville (MO) (NAIA)
DL Elisha Sion, Dodge City Community College (KS)
OL D’Quanis Robertson, Hutchinson Community College (KS)

St. Thomas More
OL Jonathan Harding, Air Force Academy (FBS/1-A)
DL Brandon Gannon, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
DB Jude Joseph, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
DB Cade Broussard, Millsaps (MS) (Division 3)

Ville Platte
RB Jaishaun Doucet, Louisiana College (Division 3)

FB Spencer Broussard, Louisiana College (Division 3)

Assembly Christian
QB Jonah Wolfe, Texas College (NAIA)

Highland Baptist
RB Brontre Griffin, New Mexico Military Institue (JC)

DB Ryan Malbrough, Kansas (FBS/1-A)
WR Kaleb Carter, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
DB Kerrick Alexander, Trinity Valley Community College (TX)

ATH Treylon Barnaba, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
DE Keon Jean-Batiste, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
LB Jalen Angelle, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
TE Skyron LIttelton, Texas Southern (FCS/1-AA)
QB Chance Prejean, Gustavus Adolphus (MN) (Division 3)

WR Israel Washington, North Alabama (FCS/1-AA)

DB Trent Winbush, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)

DE Marlon Young, Georgia State (FBS/1-A)
LB Kenneth Bergeron, Louisiana College (Division 3)
DB Dyshun Sias, Louisiana College (Division 3)
DB Michael Arceneaux, Mary Hardin-Baylor (TX) (Division 3)
OL Mark Barthelemy, Tyler Junior College (TX)
ATH George Dominick, CMP Prep (LA)

St. Martinville
DB Jayvion Mitchell, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)

TE Jansen Mayea, LSU (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
WR Tyran Davis, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
OL Jessie Badeaux, Hiram College (OH) (Division 3)
LB Quavondlon Jacob, Reedley Junior College (CA)
DL Dovondra Louis, Reedley Junior College (CA)
DB Ernest Dejean, Pima Community College (AZ)
LB Dontre Antoine, Hocking Junior College (OH)
DB Deondre Spencer, Independence Community College (KS)

Dillion Lively, Bacone College (OK) (NAIA)
Jacalix Lundy, Bacone College (OK) (NAIA)
De’Andrick Keal, Bacone College (OK) (NAIA)
Christian Alexander, Bacone College (OK) (NAIA)
Wendell Marks, Bacone College (OK) (NAIA)
Marquese Colbert, Arkansas Baptist Junior College

WR Koi Thomas, Fullerton Junior College (CA)
WR Braylon Willis, Cisco Junior College (TX)

Beau Chene
RB Markaylin Milburn, Louisiana College (Division 3)

West St. Mary
Kharee Lockley, Arkansas Baptist Junior College
Cristian Barard, Southern Prep (LA)


Baton Rouge Area NSD Highlights

LB Sean Beauchamp, William Penn (IA) (NAIA)

DL Todd Lasseigne, Millsaps (MS) (Division 3)

Central Private
ATH Cole Averette, Houston Baptist (FCS/1-AA)

Denham Springs
OL Zach Harris, Brown (FCS/1-AA)
LB Elijah Toliver, Louisiana College (Division 3)
DB Tyrone Riley, Millsaps (MS) (Division 3)

LB Mike Williams, Texas (FBS/1-A)

East Ascension
OL Cameron Wire, LSU (FBS/1-A)
ATH Jimel London, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
WR Thomas Levy, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
DL Adrian Bowie, Blinn Junior College (TX)

East Feliciana
DB Cedric Anderson, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)

OL Eric Dunn, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-AA)

Live Oak
OL Jacobey Lee, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)
K Nathan Holliday, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)

RB Daevon Adams, Occidental College (CA) (Division 3)

Madison Prep
ATH Tyrese Walker, Idaho (FCS/1-AA)
LB Timothy Andrews, Cincinnati Christian (NAIA)

DL Nelson Jenkins, LSU (FBS/1-A)
ATH Wayne Toussant, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)
LB A.J. Riley, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
DB Percy Butler, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
TE Codi Willis, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)

DB Kelvin Joseph, LSU (FBS/1-A)
DB Dorian Camel, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
RB Trenton Charles, Yale (FCS/1-AA)
RB Tasman Haymond, College of Wooster (OH) (Division 3)
DB Torriando Sims, ASA Junior College (NY)

Southern Lab
LB Damone Clark, LSU (FBS/1-A)
QB Quincy Fillmore, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA)
OL Cedric Banks, Tennessee State (FCS/1-AA)
LB Markus Martin, Belhaven (MS) (Division 3)

St. Amant
DL Jacob Furlow, Louisiana College (Division 3)
WR Collier Ricks, Texas Wesleyan (NAIA)

OL Prince Pines, Baylor (FBS/1-A)
OL Harold Stansberry, Franklin Pierce (NH) (Division 2)

LB Josh Cook, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
RB Triston Taylor, East Texas Baptist (Division 3)
OL Taylor Granger, Pearl River Community College (MS)

West Feliciana
DB Derius Davis, TCU (FBS/1-A)
DL Zakk McKeehan, Georgia Tech (FBS/1-A)
ATH Derek Turner, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)
RB Davon Harris, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)
DB Chad Tillery, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
DB Rjay Harris, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
WR Antonio Whitaker, Louisiana College (Division 3)
DL Tarik Freeman, Dodge City Community College (KS)

ATH Xavier Lodge, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)
DL Kyron Mims, Ball State (FBS/1-A)
LB Talbot Daniels, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
DB Johnathan Scott, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
RB Chris Middleton, McMurry (TX) (Division 3)
DL Anthony Hardesty, North Dakota State College of Science (JC)
ATH Braylyn Jones, Tyler Junior College (TX)

DL Keshawn Sullivan, Army West Point (FBS/1-A)
K Martell Fontenot, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
WR Bailey Thomas, Mississippi College (Division 2)
DB Jon Burrell, Louisiana College (Division 3)
WR Trea Shropshire, Blinn Junior College (TX)
LB Rodaren Alexander, Blinn Junior College (TX)
OL Blake Anderson, New Mexico Military Institute (JC)

DL Garrett Roberts, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)
DB DeAndre Brown, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)

Silliman Institute
TE Trace McManus, Mississippi College (Division 2)
DL Garrett McManus, Mississippi College (Division 2)

East Ascension
OL/LS Chandler Perer, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
TE Derrick Leboeuf, CMP Prep (LA)
DL Darren Leboeuf, CMP Prep (LA)


Houma Area NSD Highlights

A.J. Ellender
RB Reginald Williams, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
WR Kobe Hartman, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
DL Terrance Gray, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
LB Jamire Mott, Arkansas-Monticello (Division 2)
DL Sedrick Williams, Kilgore Junior College (TX)
LB Davarin Brown, Dodge City Community College (KS)
WR Brisson Lewis, Chaffey Junior College (CA)
RB Lionel Sneeze, Arkansas Baptist Junior College
OL Jyarie Ricks, Arkansas Baptist Junior College

Central Lafourche
WR David Robinson, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)

Covenant Christian
RB Devante Johnson, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA) (Preferred Walk-On)

E.D. White Catholic
RB Nik Shanklin, Mississippi Valley State (FCS/1-AA)

H.L. Bourgeois
DB Richaud Batiste, Louisiana College (Division 3)

South Lafourche
OL Chad Cheramie, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)

ATH DaMarcus Mitchell, SW Mississippi Community College

Vandebilt Catholic
RB Brennan Rogers, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA) (Preferred Walk-On)

WR Kenan Jones, LSU (FBS)

Central Catholic
RB Chris Singleton, Arkansas-Monticello (Divison 2)


Greater New Orleans and Northshore NSD Highlights

LB Tyrus Wheat, Missouri (FBS/1-A)
DB V.J. Carroll, Southern (FCS/1-AA) (Preferred Walk-On)
Archbishop Hannan
TE Seth Caillouet, Texas State (FBS/1-A)
OL Christian Hoz, Arkansas State (FBS/1-A)

Archbishop Rummel
WR Ja’Marr Chase, LSU (FBS/1-A)
DB Aaron Brule, Mississippi State (FBS/1-A)

LB Henry White, Minnesota West Junior College
Jordan Dufrene, Minnesota West Junior College
Terrance Massey, Minneosta West Junior College

Brother Martin
OL Zach Breaux, Louisiana-Monroe (FBS/1-A)
OL Jared Gaudet, Southern Arkansas (Division 2)

RB Devin Brumfield, Utah (FBS/1-A)
QB Joshua Alfaro, Houston Baptist (FCS/1-AA)
WR Milton Clark, Louisiana College (Divison 3)
DL Trevor Betz, Central Methodist (MO (NAIA)
DB Ralph Crandle, Garden City Community College (KS)
DB Kris Arrington, Rochester Community College
WR Mason Cialona, Rochester Community College
WR KeJohn Batiste, Butler Community College (KS)
WR Elgin Bell, Hutchinson Community College (KS)
OL Nick Cotton, Hutchinson Community College (KS)

De La Salle
DB Lance Robinson, Kansas State (FBS/1-A)
DL Jamiran James, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
WR Aaron Marquez, Houston Baptist (FCS/1-AA)
ATH Julien Gums, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)
OL Jeremiah James, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)

DB Macon Clark, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
DL Jabriel Fields, Millsaps (MS) (Division 3)
OL Sam Matthews, West Hills Junior College (CA)

DL Tahj Brown, Houston (FBS/1-A)
DL Davon Wright, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
QB Jaylin Wiliams, Blinn Junior College (TX)

East Jefferson
OL Mason Gautreau, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)

East St. John
LB D’Andrei Pittman, Idaho (FCS/1-AA)
OL Morgan Ursin, Belhaven (MS) (Division 3)
LB Chris Thompson, Belhaven (MS) (Division 3)
RB Shelvin Keller, Southwestern (KS) (NAIA)
WR Cameron Grant, Southwestern (KS) (NAIA)
DB Korey Lee, Hutchinson Community College (KS)
DB Kierce Farlough, Arkansas Baptist Junior College
WR Javon Antonio, Hinds Community College (KS)
WR Kyle Henderson, Southern Prep (LA)
RB Mark Stewart, Southern Prep (LA)

Edna Karr
DB Quindell Johnson, Memphis (FBS/1-A)
OL Titus Jones, Memphis (FBS/1-A)
DB Kendell Johnson, Memphis (FBS/1-A)
WR Anthony Spurlock, Western Kentucky (FBS/1-A)
DL Ronell Burbank, McNeese State (FCS/1-AA)
OL Reggie Young, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)
DL Jamier Jackson, Delta State (MS) (Division 2)
OL Tyree Jones, Langston (OK) (NAIA)
QB Skylar Perry, Texas Wesleyan (NAIA)
DB Chance Carroll, Texas Wesleyan (NAIA)
OL Lemar Johns, Texas Wesleyan (NAIA)

WR Aaron Saulino, Louisiana College (Division 3)

ATH Tahj Magee, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)

G.W. Carver
WR Gary Young, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
LB James Jones, Idaho (FCS/1-AA)
DB Gerald Burton, Seton Hill (PA) (Division 2)

RB Anthony Williams, Kansas (FBS/1-A)
WR Jamel Byrd, Southern (FCS/1-AA)
OL Larry Dixon, Southern (FCS/1-AA)

Helen Cox
DL Dontae Barge, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA)
WR Isaiah Lewis, Bayou Prep (LA)

Holy Cross
LB Josh Gilliard, South Alabama (FBS/1-A)
WR Kym Wimberly, Harvard (FCS/1-AA)
DB Kyree Currington, Idaho (FCS/1-AA)
RB Landen Bates, Stonehill College (MA)
DL Rhett Wiedenbacher, Butler Community College (KS)

John Curtis
TE Glenn Beal, Texas A&M (FBS/1-A)
DB Brandon Davis, Tennessee (FBS/1-A)
DB Cade Comeaux, Ole Miss (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
WR Tyrone Leggett, South Alabama (FBS/1-A)
RB Marquese Albert, Idaho (FCS/1-AA)
OL Cade Blalock, Trinity (TX) (Division 3)

John Ehret
DB Isaiah Windmon, Louisiana Tech (FBS/1-A)

QB Chris Penton, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
OL Brennan Lanclos, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
WR Jalen Willis, Northwestern State (FCS/1-AA)

WR Devonta Jason, Mississippi State (FBS/1-A)
DB Corione Harris, Kansas (FBS/1-A)
DB Tywan Francis, Colorado State (FBS/1-A)
DB Curry Benn, Southern Mississippi (FBS/1-A)
DL Shamod Sullivan, Prairie View A&M (FCS/1-AA)
DL Josh Smith, Prairie View A&M (FCS/1-AA)
OL Anun Bennett, Bayou Prep (LA)

DB Will Wilson, Southwest Oklahoma State (Divison 2)

Lusher Charter
OL Tamir Bryant, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)

LB Malcolm Johnson, UNLV (FBS/1-A)
RB Taron Jones, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
WR Roland Wallace, Harding (AR) (Division 2)
DB De’Monte Vanison, Manchester (IN) (Division 3)
DB Devin Seiber, Independence Community College (KS)

McDonogh #35
DB Joe Foucha, Arkansas (FBS/1-A)
WR Lawrence Keys, Notre Dame (FBS/1-A)
QB LeJohn Howard, Florida A&M (FCS/1-AA)
RB Eddie Tillman, Florida A&M (FCS/1-AA)
WR Jared Miles, Louisiana College (Division 3)
DL DeRon Mack, Hinds Community College (MS)
DB Glen Brown, Coffeyville Community College (KS)
(DL Devin Winters was planning to sign with Ole Miss but tragically passed away days before national signing day)

DB Jeremiah McDonald, Northwestern (FBS/1-A)
DB Khalil Fleming, Army West Point (FBS/1-A)
ATH Walter Harris, Army West Point (FBS/1-A)
DL Heath Panks, Incarnate Word (TX) (FCS/1-AA)

OL Brendon Kelley, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)

RB Joquan Johnson, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)
DL Nagie James, Bethel (TN)

Riverside Academy
QB Jordan Loving, LSU (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
WR Jalen Banks, Army West Point (FBS/1-A)
WR Jeremiah Bigham, Lindenwood-Belleville (MO) (NAIA)
DL LeBoe Bridges, Trinity Valley Community College (TX)
RB Jeremy Gibson, SW Mississippi Community College

DB Eddie Smith, Alabama (FBS/1-A)
QB/P L.J. Leonard, Southern Mississippi (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)
LB Garrett Crawford, Southern Mississippi (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)

WR Tirrell Sylvas, Louisiana College (Division 3)

Sophie B. Wright
LB Andrew Parker, Arkansas (FBS/1-A)
DL Anthony Day, Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College

St. Augustine
DL Juan Monjarres, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
RB Garland LaFrance, Western Kentucky (FBS/1-A)
OL Bless Harris, Lamar (TX) (FCS/1-AA)
DL Dante Carter, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
DB Donniel Ward-Magee, SE Louisiana (FCS/1-AA)
LB Kyle Jackson, Florida A&M (FCS/1-AA)
OL Latrell Dace, Millsaps (MS) (Divison 3)
WR Jermance Webb, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)
WR Derrick Pickney, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)
DB Nikiya Sullan, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)
LB Zion Wilcox, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)
LB Joshua Hudson, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)
ATH Joseph Walker, St. Francis (IL) (NAIA)
LB Kendrick Hills, St. Francis (IL) (NAIA)

St. Charles Catholic
ATH Lloyd Nash, Nicholls State (FCS/1-AA)
OL Robert McDonald, Louisiana College (Division 3)

St. Helena
WR Troy Hurst, Memphis (FBS/1-A)
QB Ricky Travis, Grambling State (FCS/1-AA)
RB Jeremy Griffin, Itasca Community College (MN)

St. Paul’s
DL Noah Seiden, Tulane (FBS/1-A) (Preferred Walk-On)

RB Desmond Harry, Culver-Stockton (IA) (NAIA)

Warren Easton
DB Damien Tate, Tulane (FBS/1-A)
WR Sheldon Jones, Texas-San Antonio (FBS-1A)
WR Yo’heinz Tyler, Ball State (FBS/1-A)
DL Damani Burrell, Louisiana-Lafayette (FBS/1-A)
DL Khyran Givens, Louisiana College (Division 3)
OL Devante Phillips, Missouri Baptist (NAIA)
WR Jeffery Holmes, Coffeyville Community College (KS)

West Jefferson
WR Dominik Cleggett, Garden City Community College (KS)

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