Cedar Creek Basketball Thriving So Far In District Play

By Lauren Menzina, LouisianaPreps.com Staff Writer

With a new district at hand, the Lady Cougars are beginning to face new challenges. With an overall record of 19-2, the girls from Cedar Creek are coming out stronger than ever with the start of the new year.

In the first district game against St. Frederick, the Lady Cougars dominated offensively and defensively. Posts Lauren Shirley and Anna-Katherine Tollett both had 8 points for the game. Senior point guard Savannah Rojas was especially aggressive on defensive, having 7 steals. Shooting guard Lauren Menzina added to the score with 10 points for the night. The final score was 62-12, making the Lady Cougars 1-0 for district. Overall, a strong start to district play. Next, Cedar Creek took on Ouachita Christian at home. Anna-Larr Roberson and Alli Freeman acquired 7 rebounds each, with 25 and 8 points respectively. With a final score of 47-18, the Lady Cougars came out on top once again leaving them 2-0 in district.

In the third district game the Lady Cougars faced Delhi, number one seeded in 1A basketball, at home. The Lady Bears came out aggressively, but were held to 23 points at the half. Anna Larr Roberson accounted for 18 of the 29 points scored for Cedar Creek. Overall a well fought game for the Lady Cougars, the final score being 53-29. Although this game left the ladies with their first district loss, it also left them with a determination to embrace new challenges and continue to improve.

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