Power Ratings – Why doesn’t this site match the LHSAA?

You might have noticed that the LHSAA publishes their Power Ratings once a week on most weeks and may have asked yourself, why are these different than what is published on Louisiana Preps?

The most obvious reason is that there is a good chance that we didn’t run our Ratings with the same exact schedule. Consider that if one game is missing from a school who has played 10 games, then that team and their 10 opponents are all going to be missing points. So if 5 games are missing, it has a potential to affect as many as 50-60 schools or more this far into the season.

But there are other reasons too, and they may or may not surprise you. I try to compare the results published on LaPreps with what the LHSAA publishes each week so that I can ensure my results are as accurate as possible. In doing this, I have noticed several areas where the LHSAA results are lacking.

Number one on this list is Opponents who have played versus Out of State schools. More specifically, if your Class B or C opponent has played an Out of State school and won, then the LHSAA is giving you a point for that win. It doesn’t reflect in your opponent’s win/loss record, but it does in your rating. This affected 24 schools this week alone in Boys Basketball. Please note that the LHSAA puts a note right at the top of their results that they include out of state games.

Number two on this list only affects two schools in Boys Basketball at this time, and up until this week both the LHSAA and LaPreps were calculating these schools incorrectly. There are a couple schools who list their opponent as “TO BE DETERMINED”, but have posted a result for that game. We were counting it as a Win/Loss here at LaPreps but have since corrected it, and the LHSAA is giving credit for the Win and points for TBD’s 1-1 record. So the winning team (Karr) is getting 6 points added to their PR calculations, and the losing team (East St. John) a half point for the 1-1 record.

The last thing that I have discovered the LHSAA calculating wrong is only applicable to Boys/Girls Basketball. There is a rule in Basketball that if you beat your opponent in a District game, then you cannot get less Power Points than the school you defeated got for losing to you. So let’s say you are 13-0 and you beat a District Opponent who is 1-15. You would get 6 Power Points, and your opponent would get 7. (You would now be 14-0) Because of this new rule, you would now get 7 instead of 6. This only affected one school in both Boys and Girls basketball this past week. Even so, apparently this isn’t something the LHSAA calculates in their weekly ratings.

As a coach or school administrator, you might ask yourself what you can do to help ensure the results on both sites are the most accurate. Well, if you are using TO BE DETERMINED, you can change that to Out of State and that will fix the LHSAA error, but other than that, all you can do is try to get your results on the LHSAA website as soon as possible. Meaning later that evening or early the next morning.

This article was heavy on Boys Basketball because we have been extremely accurate with the Girls Basketball ratings and both Boys and Girls Soccer.

As always, if you have a question about our Power Ratings on this site or notice what you think is an error, feel free to shoot me an email at commish(at)chasefb.com.

Thank you for visiting our site and Good Luck to your team!!

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