Cedar Creek Basketball Has Successful Weekend in Home Tournament

By Lauren Menzina, LouisianaPreps.com Staff Writer

Cedar Creek’s annual basketball tournament has great meaning behind it. The tournament
honors a man named Neill Killgore, a Cedar Creek graduate who lost his life in an electrical accident
soon after his senior year. The Cedar Creek squads found great success, once again, as they honored Killgore.

The Cedar Creeks boys recorded a 2-1 record in the tournament. On Wednesday, the boys played
St.Frederick in a close game for the Cougars, with the final score coming to 53-47. Sophomore point guard
Christian Norris scored a career high of 22 points on the night. Junior Chandler Hay added to
the score with 9 points.

Saturday night, coming back from a heart-breaking loss over Castor, the Cougars took on the
Weston Wolves. Junior power forward Landon Spillers scored 18 points on the night with 11
rebounds. A great team effort, seniors Tripp Marcus and Jace Moss scored a combined 12
points along with 15 rebounds. The final score, won in overtime, was 60-56.

The Lady Cougars took home the Neill Killgore Tournament trophy, going 3-0. Their first game against St.
Frederick was won by a 56 point margin, 73-17. Junior power forward Anna-Larr Roberson
scored 21 points. Freshman Riley Spradlin added to this with 13 points on the board.

On Saturday, the girls competed for the championship of the Neill Killgore tournament.
Sophomore Lauren Menzina scored 21 points. Alli Freeman and Anna Kate Tollett had great
defensive games, gaining 8 rebounds each. Senior Savannah Rojas helped out offensively with
9 assists and 5 rebounds. The final score was 59-23.

Games continue to go well for Cedar Creek’s basketball programs. The Lady Cougars hold a
record of 10-1, and the Cougars have a record of 5-3. Continuing to work diligently, the teams
are hoping to continue their success through district play.